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This is our honey straight out of the hive. We drain it from the honeycomb and then pour it directly into a glass jar with no processing at all. We do not heat, strain or filter our raw honey in any way. Therefore, our raw honey may have a few specks in it and will probably be crystallized by November. But this just makes it easier to spread on toast.
For more information on honey, just click on the "Information" tab at the top of this page. Then click on "Honey Facts"
22 oz glass jar raw honey
22 oz (Pint) Jar of Raw Honey
Price: $12.25
Raw 22 oz
Raw Honey 12 lb Bucket
12# Bucket of Raw Honey
Price: $45.75
Raw 12 lb
Raw Honey 60 lb Bucket
Due to shipping arrangements please call us to place your order for a 60 lb bucket of Raw Honey.
800-877-2086 toll free

Price: $214.75
Raw 60 lb
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